How does it work

Buy your label

Choose the type of label, whether single, round-trip or multipack. Insert your data to complete the purchase, automatically an account will be created, from which you can manage your labels, check the tracking and change the data contained in it if you have purchased a multipack label.

Receive the label at your home

You will receive the label directly to your home depending on the type of shipping chosen, all directly in the FindUrBag envelope.

If you have chosen a SELFPRINT label, you will be able to print it, so you will not have to wait for the shipment.

Attach the label to your baggage

Attach the label to your baggage in a prominent position, after having it adhered to the surface, make sure it is properly attached. Do not worry, the label will not come off unless you want to remove it, in which case you will have to put a little pressure on the side parts, there will not even be a bit of glue and it will not ruin your luggage, it’s specifically designed for do not do it.

Anyone can scan it

If unfortunately your luggage is lost, anyone can scan the code with their smartphone, from airport operators to those who find the baggage. It will then access the data of the owner of the suitcase and can contact you by phone, email and whatsapp.

Receive a message about the location of the baggage

Instantly after scanning, you will receive a message and an email that will alert you that your baggage has been scanned. Inside the message or email you will find a link that will allow you to see the exact location of where your baggage was scanned.